Nice to meet you! Welcome to my site. Let me introduce what you can expect to find here.

Gabe Mac

I'm a video geek, game designer or digital artist. I love to use new technologies to tell new stories. For many years I had a production company with Gabriel Bauer. Together, we did a lot of different new media production. TV commercials, Web Series, Documentaries, Video Games, and Interactive DVDs. Probably most notably we were early vloggers back in the early 2000's. We were one of the first to go pro, working for companies such as BMW and COCA-COLA. You can check some of the old shows that were archived in the XOLO.TV and MOBUZZ.TV section. Highlights are the Interviews with Danny Antonucci, Angela Merkel and Steve Wozniak. My latest channel on youtube is called GMVR. I play indie video games together with my depressed friend, in order to keep him sane.

After a number of years as an entrepreneur, I went to work for Indie Amsterdam, winning them their first Digital Spin Award. At Indie I worked on a number of award winning campaigns, alongside Lode Schaeffer. We made a robot that gave out ice cream together for Ben & Jerry. That was fun.

A few times a year, I get the chance to speak about the future at a conference. You can see some of the talks that have been recorded in the Talks and Interviews section. MY upcoming speaking events can be found in the News/Upcoming Events.

Most of my time is spent teaching at Art colleges in Europe or giving my Game Design workshop at companies.

If you are a fan of The Big Lebowski, you'll fit right in here. I am an ordained Dudeist Priest, having officiated weddings, in my bathrobes. Have a look at the Little Lebowski Project to see some fun pics of The Dude and his friends around the world.

Please enjoy my blog ramblings and occasional pics. If you like it, connect with me via one of the sites below. Cheers!

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