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So far at the les blogs conference:

The morning started off with me walking around Paris trying to find an open wifi point to be able to get the address for Les Blogs. Luckily I ran into someone who had the address, and I had a map. Together we were basically standing right across from the convention hall. Sweet.

Scobble started talking about his blog this morning, and how he podcasts and "video blogs" at microsoft. Question I'm gonna ask Scobble when I get a chance, what is microsoft gonna call vlogging? I'm sure it's not gonna be video podcasting. Come on that's the question on our minds right?

Now L' Oreal, IBM and Skype are talking about internal blogging. Coloboration on projects via blogs, and so forth. I really could care less about that. Lots of guys in suits talking about corporate buzz terms and linking it into blogging. Where are the cool guys? Well they do have one female on the panel of 6 here. Adriana, what a babe. Sexy geek speak! Maak me gek!

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