What to say about Apple's unveiling of thier new Mac Mini and Boombox and other products today? Let's start with the Mini:

Okay of course they were gonna be adding the new Intel processors into the new compact Mac. I didn't need a crystal ball to tell me that one. So is that cool? Uh, I guess, kinda. I'm not sure what I feel about the Intel chips until a few people have tested it out themselves with their own software. I don't need to be another Apple Guiene pig.

So what IS cool? Well I would have to say the Front Row o be able to view all the media shared in iTunes is cool. That includes video. Hey I'm happy about that. But no news on the ability to play video playlists in Front row yet which is what I want man. Maybe it's in there, only an update will tell.

But where is the cool TIVO function and EPG on this thing? I want to record episodes of Seinfeld and watch them when I get home. I guess I'll have to go with elgato for that, or just stick to my vlogs. Yeah I'll do that.

So the BOOMBOX. WTF was Steve smoking when he thought of this one. A BIG ASS SPEAKER for my iPod which doesn't have surround, or allow me to connect to my DVD player, playstation, whatever. Only my iPod. This thing reminds me of the days of rundmc with a big ass box walking down the street, but now there's an iPod sticking out. Great for watching vids on it. NOT! I mean for the same price I buy an entire home surround system with DVD player or a bunch of the Logitech portable speakers, that I can easily carry arround with me.

So I don't think I'll be buying any of these so called "FUN" products. Except the iPod leather holder does look pretty nice I have to admit, but I've seen another one that doubles as a wallet and you can actually watch the videos without taking it out of the case. Three strikes Apple.