You've heard it before. We love to fry things in the south. Fried chicken, fried snickers bars, fried shrimp (thanks bubba) and for thanks giving Fried Turkey. You may wonder how that works?

Well you first put a sloppy paprika sauce on it like my uncle is demonstrating here. Doesn't that look good?

And then drop it in a big vat of hot fat. YUMMMY!!! While you are waiting you have a few beers, talk to family, catch up etc. It actually cooks the turkey really fast, and yes it is juicy!!!

But of course we have all kinds of great dishes to go along with it. Tamara loved the Squash Caserol. For those not from the South, squash is a yellow vegetable. May favorite is Sweet Potato Suffle'. Of course my Aunt Bonnie did the family's famous Pound Cake. It puts a pound on you with each bite, but it tastes soooo gooood. Tamara loved that and is begging me to make it.

I guess I'll have to wait till she gets better. She's come down with some flu that everyone else has got. In-Ah has it, Jag has it, even Wiendelt was in the office today coughing all over everybody. I really hope I don't get it. I did make Tamara some of my famous Chicken Soup to get better. In any case

It was great seeing the family again for ThanksGiving. I think it may be a while before I get back to the states though. :-(

Hugs and Kisses to the whole family!!!