There is a guilty pleasure that really comes out in Flickr. Anonymous voyeruism. I noticed that some complete strangers have been faving certain pictures of mine for some time now. I could not figure out whether it was a stalker, or just some sad lonely person as there is nothing in the profiles to understand who it is. Then after digging deeper I think I discovered it. It is like a game almost. In my search for why or what it is... I discovered the stories. Clicking randomly on commenters, seeing thier favorites and making huge leaps and jumps starting from my own anonymous voyeuers, I begin to make a story together. A weaving through the reaches of cyberspace, to create a story in my head, based on the click of the mouse and my own A.D.D. to guide me. Here is a small glimpse into the stories you can piece together.

 by ***Musa***01-05-08  Biandrate by ***Musa***BERLINO 009 by The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Unbirthday party by torpore.Let it snow by torpore.

MAke your own story, and let me see.... Add a link in the comments.

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