It is somewhat scary when you are single and the universe keeps sending you weird messages. Last weekend I was casting for a role in a commercial (which I didn't get, bummer) where I was told I was going to play a "romance novel cover model" to try and pick up girls with some friends. Now on google alerts I get the message that apparently I am in one: (a review from Wild Lady (Scarlet))

"Claudia Beaumont is in danger. Gabriel MacIntyre is having real trouble convincing her of that. And he's having trouble keeping his hands off her too. It should be easy - heck she's exactly the sort of woman he loathes; but then he discovers the real LADY behind the WILD."

What the !@#$? You have a very sick sense of humor universe. Well that's what the review says. So m aybe I should start looking for my Claudia Baeumont on facebook now.