After coming back from Webcom where I gave a presentation on Virtual Immortality, I opened up my monthly photojojo time capsule and am floored yet again. This month I see pics from when Nuno and Nikki came to visit last year. I just got back from visiting them in Canada this weekend.

Not only that but I see pics of the wedding of Hans and Neltje from last year, on a boat where this week other friends of mine will be getting married on that exact same boat.

I twittered earlier that "blogging allows me to appreciate the present, by allowing me to see through my eyes in the future, and appreciate the past which is now." Now I realize that everything becomes more cyclical in life than I had realized. As I said in my talk in Montreal, "THE APPLICATIONS AND DATA WE CREATE TODAY WILL BE OUR COMMUNICATION WITH FUTURE CULTURES AND BEINGS," and now I beleive ourselves as well.