Yesterday I saw this video come up onto facebook. Now I see it coming in on youtube. I had trouble watching it the first time, and it does not get better. It is the cold harsh truth of what is happening in Tehran at the moment. I must warn you that the video is extremely difficult to watch as you see and young girl killed by gunfire in Tehran, Iran. The videos and images coming out of IRAN via social media is mind blowing and you have to ask yourself, where to get the context without journalists there? These are citizen reporters. They are reporting, and it is up to us at the moment to filter these stories, verify them and make sense of what the context is. We have to be our own journalists for ourselves. Not something everyone is ready to do, espically when material such as this video is flashing across our facebook, twitters and blog posts. WARNING it is very graphic. update: has more about the details of what happened.