I Donated A Bicycle To CharitySince I've been back in Amsterdam, I have been unable (too lazy) to get a bike. My old one, is dead somewhere near GabeB's place and I can't find the key. Marc had another bike which he lost the key to outside my house since August. Good condition though. I finally got around (was awake and in the country, and remembered that I could) to going to the bike shop across the street to get the lock taken off. They do this between 10 and 12 on Saturday. I mean seriously, when you go out on a Friday night, the last thing you think about is getting a bike lock sawed on a Saturday morning. I finally got to it, and Marc even threw in a new seat for it. What a great friend! He has a video and some great pics on his blog here. I can't tell you how nice it is to have a bike again in Amsterdam. After cleaning it, throwing on some stickers (need to customize your bike in Amsterdam always), and putting the seat on, we went for a ride in the VondelPark. I was so happy, like a kid who just got a new bike for Christams. That's really how it feels. Even in these rough times, it is with a little help from my friends like Marc that help me through. MARC YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!

I Donated A Bicycle To Charity