After 3 years it is time for me to take a different path from Indie. It has not been an easy decision for me to leave. I really love my co-workers who are an amazing group of people. I will also miss the opportunities that Indie has given me in pushing the boundaries of advertising. When I first came to Indie I had no idea what really went on in an Ad Agency. It was soon apparent that I was not a usual fit for an agency...

I love hats. Indie allowed me to wear a bunch with a variety of roles under the title Head of Innovation. I've enjoyed designing games, directing and editing films, being the english voice on Indie's films, developing digital strategies, programming applications, concepting campaigns, designing webpages, new biz development, producing presentations and every now and again cooking a large feast for the team.

In my time at Indie I have learned a lot about marketing and advertising from the Indie team. I'm very grateful to have had this chance to learn from incredibly talented and experienced advertising legends.

I see lots of changes happening in advertising. With new technologies emerging, there is an enormous challenge for agencies to adapt slow reacting clients to these changes. Ultimately, I don't believe that the traditional ad agency will thrive. With the speed at which technology is changing the game, those agencies which do not adapt to working like a technology start-up will be left behind. This is why I have decided to become a freelance consultant.

For professional reasons I want to be a bee flying onto a variety of flowers to cross-pollinate ideas. For that I need to open myself up to working on projects with a variety of different companies and technologies. I have first hand experience with using game design in marketing. I would love to help new markets with these insights.

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