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A couple of weeks ago I was spending 3-5 hours daily for a week and a half judging for The Lovie Awards. I was judging Video, Montage, Game DEsign and a couple of other subjects like best web personality. It was a lot of work going through all the entries. Some were absolute crap, but others were exceptional. Overall I would say the quality was more towards the good than towards the ugly. And it's all EUROPE!!! At least that's what the Lovie's say. There is an amazing amount of creative talent, design, creativity and production Europe has to offer. The Lovie Awards really show the best of what Europe has to offer. If you have some time to kill and are tired of 9gag or I-am-bored, hop on over and have a look at the winners. Let me know if you think they should have won or not. The Lovie Awards.