Easter is coming up, and I find there are very few good Easter Themed games to play around the holidays. I have found two bunny games that could fit the bill for Easter Themed Games. The best part is they are FREE TO PLAY!


This is a simple puzzle game where you are a bunny. The objective is to clear the barren puzzle board, replacing it with growing grass and trees. It may seem simple, but some of these levels really had THECASE and I scratching our heads. Need to keep the kids busy for a bit? See how long it takes them to solve these puzzles. Play it for free here.


If you are looking for something to get a little more aggression out, check out Bunnihilation. The premise is pretty simple, 2 bunnies, one planet and flying eggs. Dodge the flying eggs more than your opponent bunny. Pretty simple, however we found it was more fun to play with the shooting eggs, making wild visualizations.

Have a Happy Easter Holiday this year, whether you play games or not. But playing games for Easter is more fun. Download Bunnihilation | Download Evergrow