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Anonymous Twitter Project

pic by acrib

I have started a new project called Anonymous Twitter. You can see it on The reason behind it is that all twitter posts usually are traceable back to your digital identity, ergo yourself. Back in the early days of the web, we didn't have lots of email sign ups and stuff to track what we were talking about. Now every new service wants information about you. So, what happens when someone can tweet 140 characters and they know it will not be traced back to themselves. Will they post secrets, ideas they have that may sound crazy, start whistle blowing, what?

It is also a large problem on the internet as we saw a couple months back with the Steve Job had a heart attack scam, that anonymous, or non authenticated news stories can have a drastic effect on the economy when people react before checking facts.

I am not sure how long the account will stay up, but the idea is to open up this account with the password so ANYONE can twitter anonymously.

Now to get things started off I went to LeWeb08 and asked people to write down what they would like to anonymously tweet as I put on a blindfold. Those notes are now already put in.

The BBC has already reported on the project, and I am sure many more news outlets will soon as well. So stay tuned here for more news and follow the twitter feed to get the info to log in and post your own anonymous twitter.

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