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Loving le web

Ok, so people are complaining about the following things at Le Web 08. It is too cold, the food is scant and auditorium has too much noise to hear speakers, etc. etc. etc. Yeah it is cold, ok. Other conferences there is no air and everyone is sweating and smelly. Which do you prefer? Food is scant? Great means people get drunk faster and start loosening up and talking more. Speakers are hard to hear, well if you are really interested in a speaker you sit in the front, otherwise it is a nice distraction while you try to check your email anyway, let's be honest. So why am I loving Le Web. Just like any conference I ever go to. The people. It is not the speaker list that attracts me, the big names, it is the people I meet there, having a smoke, sharing a coffee, one on one chat in an exchange of ideas, common interests, and start building the ties of a relationship. I honestly no longer try to "network", as if I could ever really do that. Talking with a big VC investor, I ask, so "How are the kids doing now?", or some CEO of a startup, "Man, you look tired, are you doing ok? Can I help you out in any way?", or talking with a top blogger of tech crunch or something saying ,"Man, check this out I can make my fingers smoke." These are the things that I talk about at a conference with people becuase most of these people are my friends over the years. And of course in between come the moments of aha together, and those are the seeds of a great idea, that could turn into a great company, or change in direction or whatever.

This year at le web I am blown away by in just one day I've gotten 5 job offers from all over the world. I know people are looking for jobs everywhere and I am frtunate to have 5 offers in 1 day here at le web. So whatever any one else's expereince may be at le web is an individual one, so remember that. This year I am having an amazing time, and feel extremely fortunate. There are not many conferences where I can go to in a time of recision and get so many job offers. Thank you Loic and Geraldine Le Meur. Thank you for Le Web.

And for me to finally meet Meghan Asha from Nonsociety. Just the icing on the cake.

Good Morning Paris!Per usual, I’m making innocent bystanders PhotoBooth with me at the conference.
Today’s victim? Gabriel McIntyre from Mobuzz TV, I’ve been corresponding with him since my trip to Marbella. It’s a pleasure to finally meet him this international video blogger in the FLESH!
Mobuzz is on hiatus while they figure out their funding, I miss their daily VERY informative video blogs (sigh!). Quality video web content still has a hard time surviving, it’s a tough business model that needs to adapt with the shift in media consumption.