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Ken Hertz is a lawyer who represents top talent in New York City. Many stars are signed to his firm which he represents. In this interview Ken talks about how the music industry has changed over the last 3-5 years, both the positive sides and the negative sides. He sees artists being more empowered and creating what he calls thier own 360 businesses. He discusses what he learned from the Picnic get together in New York and how the internet has created a new "Virtual Fame Chart" for artists. For more interviews I made at Picnic New York Salon, check here.

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ATTN Universal Music Group, Lady GAGA wants 2 be Open 2 Viral!

I really loved the new campaign that Universal Music Group has put out. It starts with a segment from Lady GaGa "Poker Face". When you see the video on youtube it explains very easily that you must try to play the game. What is the game?

Watch 20 sec. of Universal Music Videos of artists and answer a trivia question of what you saw.

There are some great roots in the Viral and I suspect that the agency saw some viral hits like this awareness test video.

Test Your Awareness: Do The Test

Did you enjoy that? UMG feels it can capitalize on that idea and sell records. Great, do it. However It would be a HELL of a lot easier to spread this if they allowed people to at least embed the first video (the entry level) onto thier blogs, facebooks, etc. I'll put it in old school marketing terms for ya UMG so you understand. The first video in this sequence of interactively linked Youtube videos which create a game needs to have a point of entry. Not just people search Lady GAGA on youtube. Allow the mebed and it turns into an old school banner! You will not endanger the copyright more, you will not be loosing out. You will gain by opening up. Of course I admit I am proud of you for taking these first steps. Very good, you have your training wheels on now. Time for dad to take them off and push you down the hill. What are you afraid you will get hurt UMG?