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This is an interview I filmed for Picnic in New York together with my good buddy Kevin Slavin. Kevin is the founder of Area Code and is an extremely smart and creative dude. He develops everything from Urban Games to ARGs, to Cross Media games, and more. Have a look at the interview and definitely check him out at Picnic in Amsterdam this year. In the interview he talks about the Augmented City and how information technologies need to simplify rather than complicate the information we generate around a city.

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Climbing Again

Me and Viola

It's been a while since I've been climbing. I started when I was about 12 or 13 in Germany. GabeB started climbing with me for a hile, but I haven't really been since I broke my ankle a few years ago. Mainly because GabeB said he didn't really like it anymore. And I feel safer climbing with 2 people rather than 1.

All is not lost though. I ran into an old school mate Viola in Feb. by chance in Utrecht, and she had just gotten back from a 3 month climbing and hiking trip through Asia. We went for a couple of drinks and she was amazed to hear that I love the outdoors and love climbing. It was inspiring to hear her stories and we've been trying to go climbing since. Last week we did, and it was great fun! It's great to have a climbing partner again. Like Viola said everyone our age is a couple and it's cool to find someone as a climbing partner. And I have to say she is a better climber than me. In any case I got to get my climbing gear out again, and feel not so jealous of my buddy Rupert going to Turkey climbing for his vacation. So time willing I'll be doing more climbing now which is a nice supplement to the weekly yoga I'm doing. And I have to say it's getting me

back in shape. Since January I've lost about 15 kilos and reduced my body fat down to 13%. Mainly by diet, lots of going out and yoga.

I hope this inspires you to get out this summer and start doing some activities and enjoying nature again, if you don't already. If you want some more inspiration have a look at this video from Rupert that he posted about his climbing tour in Turkey. Rupert, let's go climbing together soon mate!