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WOW, the love

Since mobuzz launched there have been a flood of comments, blog posts, twitters and more. At the moment we really need more help as it is really slowing down. But the love that has been expressed is more than the haters, so much more. If nothing elese it is so nice to see how much people love the show. I really hope it can be saved, but it is not looking good at the moment. The meter is stuck on 15% and we should be at at least 20% by now. But that not withstanding, just look at some of the beautiful comments that have been posted...

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From JuanRomero

From KelseyB

I'm deeply upset. If i wasn't an Unemployed Student, i would be more then willing to help support. In this time of uncertain stability i'm finding hard to get work. When i do get some stable money behind me, I would be happy to put something foreword.
I do however have an idea to pass by you. I would think that if you run this campaign, not only for the next few days, but for the rest of the lifetime of Mobuzz you could maintain a little more support along side. I would think many of our fellow community would help in ways such as this.

I have also been reading some of the comments posted before me and as 'maeghith' talked about other outlets i must agree....I was waiting and watching on YouTube via the Subscriptions tab. I found this the easiest way for myself to get my Mobuzz fix. This is one reason why i found myself heading over to the homepages. If you could upload a campaign video, i think it could hit a 100 or more people on YouTube. The internet is at your power.

Good Luck...

From Stephzibi

I always preferred people who do things even if they make mistakes than those who do nothing. I cross the fingers for you and for Mobuzz

CIT to all the haters:

This wonderfull "hidden" crew delivered a DAILY freshup of "TOP" hightech News and Recommendations of interesting extrordinary websites, portals, gadges and software! FOR FREE !!!

To get your attentention, all shows have been never been the same. Not one content, not one background, not one T-Shirts !!! Not even in the different countries In Spain, France as the English site, which i visited daily here in Holland.

Mobuzz is the one and only realtime TV, discovering our WEB about the WEB.
And this with fun and multilinguale!

These French / Spain /Dutch / English teams worked hard daily to deliver the dailybuzz news.

It looks like, the crew has spend so much money (in servers and streams payments) and also in time, enthusiasm to work together, that they have forgot the need to stay alive.

It is clear, bussiness and money was not the first goal by this project ! It was the buzz!

This extraordinary club MOBUZZ delivered content, you will not find elsewhere on the web.

And now they need our support. RIGHT NOW !!!.....
Because time is running !!!!

Support NOW !!! ...

Send some money to the intire Mobuzz Team, they need to get to survive to deliver you further daily buzz !!!

All the best to the team, all the money you need for the deadline.....


From Ian

I've donated 100 Eur. I don't want a refund if you don't make it to your goal. Consider it a reflection of the enjoyment I've had over the last couple of years.

That said, I've always wondered how you were monetizing MoBuzz; obviously it's been tough but do consider a subscription based service. I'd pay a 5 Eur per month subscription.

Good luck but don't sell yourselves short in the hunt for funding.