• Avallon
  • France

Kinnernet Avallon is an un-conference like no other. Located and hosted at the home of Marc Goldberg in Avallon France, this gathering has sparked numerous innovation ideas. for a few days a mix of the worlds most talented Artists, VC's, Entrepreneurs and Technologists get together and play. You can find everything from 3D printing Robots, Video Art Projection, talks about cyber terrorism, how the mind works and more.

This year I will be moderating the Ignite talks, which judging on the participants, should be an amazing Mind Blast. If you have been invited to join Kinnernet France, I look forward to seeing you there. If you haven't been invited this year, maybe next year? The organizers want to try and make sure that there are at least half new participants every year, which makes it extra special to be invited back. See you in France!