This is a selection of different lectures and interviews I have given around the world. If you enjoy my talks or would like my opinion, don't hesitate to contact me or book me for your next event.


Do you like games? I love them! Games can have a healing power to them. They can teach us, create better social bonds and much much more. Join me and The Case as we play games every Monday as a therapy session. We are not the most skilled gamers, our equipment is sub standard, we are middle aged but we try to have a laugh. Subscribe to GMVR and get a daily dose of gameplay videos. Game Over - That's where the Game Starts.


Here is a playlist of some of my more Artsy Videos and Music Videos as well as segments from some of my VJ and Video Mapping performances.


Over the years I have hosted a number of early Video Blogs. Namely Gabe & Gabe, Xolo.TV and Mobuzz.TV. Click to see my favorite episodes from these 3 VLOGS.