After 30 years of media experience, I have lost more content than I have saved. Below is a selection of work that shows my skillset range. Advertising Creative, Visual FX Artist, Director, VJ, Radio DJ and Game Designer. I love to work with creative groups of people, to create something new, fun and inspired. Are you looking for inspiration?


"Givolution" Advertising Campaign while working for Indie Amsterdam. This campaign, I had a number of roles. Strategy, Creative and Digital Production.


Domino's Pizza NL asked Indie Amsterdam to increase their Facebook fan base to 100,000. I replied, "I can have 100,000 likes by tomorrow. But they won't be real. You want real fans, it will take time." After a year of intense 360 campaigns using my social strategy, we gained a loyal fan base of over 100,000 fans. On the following campaigns I had a number of roles. Strategy, Creative and Digital Production.


This is a collection of other work done while working at Indie Amsterdam. They show the range of my Strategy, Creative and Digital Production skills for TVC, Online and Gaming.

Film Production, Directing, Editing, Visual FX Work

Before becoming an award winning advertising creative, I was a film director and editor. Below is a small collection of film work I have done for TV, Gaming and Events in The Netherlands. From Editing, Special FX, Animation and Directing, I do it all.


Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


When it comes to media, I’m a jack of all trades. For 30 years I’ve worked in radio, film, TV, advertising and Gaming sectors. From Radio DJ in New York to Film Director and Game Designer, I’ve learned how to develop innovative media products for a number of large companies such as Philips, BOSCH, Schiphol and more. For 15 years I have taught Interactive Performance, New Media and Game Design at a number of Colleges and Universities in Europe.

In my career I’ve helped develop games for clients such as Guerrilla Games, Davilex, Nokia and Microsoft. Projects ranging from interactive board games, mobile games, platform games, flash mobs and more. While Head of Innovation at ad agency Indie Amsterdam, I won a number of digital and advertising awards. I gained recognition in early 2000 for being a Viral Video and New Media Dude with early Video Blog projects of and With a keen eye on the ramifications of technology on art, media, marketing and social networks, I have given keynotes at conferences all around the world, on innovation, marketing, digital trends and gamification. Most notable: DLD (Munich), SIME (Vienna), Picnic (Amsterdam), Le Web (Paris), DMEXCO (Berlin), Webcom (Montreal), La Red Innova (Madrid) and The Monaco Media Forum (Monaco). I have been interviewed about new media trends for articles in Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, BBC ,The Telegraaf and Adformatie.

To stay young I travel around with Little Lebowski, teaching organizations, governments, students and artists how to change the world with games. This has lead me to consult on projects for TU Delft, Razorfish Healthware, PlayBuzz, Burda Media and Bertelsmann Group. I truly believe Game Theory models connected with New Media can provide solutions for many ‘unsolvable’ problems.




The Game Beyond was founded to teach organizations, governments and students how to effectively use game design to solve real world problems. The Game Beyond offers further consulting and production services for implementation of new games for clients. Clients of The Game Beyond’s trainings range from Razorfish Healthware, Bertelsmann Group and The Dutch Innovation Network to name a few.


Teaching Game Design and New Media at Higher Education Institutes in Europe. These include “Media College Amsterdam”, "Utrecht College of Arts HKU", “Hogeschool Arnhem & Nijmegen” and “Max Plank Institute Göttingen”.  Course curriculum includes Game Design, Game Theory, Film Production, Interactive Media Design, VFX, Presentation Techniques, Design for Virtual Theater and Gaming, Image and Media Technology, Digital Video Design and Digital Media Design.

As “Graduate Project Supervisor” for the HKU, Gabriel worked on a number of interesting projects with students. Alternate Reality Games spreading over Social Networks,. Virtual Immortality using Semantic Database Technology, MMORG for clients such as David de Rothschild. An interactive dance club for ISH. Various theatrical projects involving new interaction with the audience inspired by video game design.


Heading all interactive, social, digital and technology aspects of award winning campaigns. Clients included Microsoft NL,Windows 8, Domino’s NL, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and Amstel International to name a few. Gabriel’s projects resulted in the first Digital Awards for INDIE Amsterdam as well as many ADC awards.


Host and Editor for “Daily Buzz” on Mobuzz TV. One of the largest video podcasts in Europe, watched world wide and was even spotlighted in one of Steve Jobs’ Apple Keynotes as well as awarded British Broadcasting awards for excellence.


At XOLO.TV we created a number of popular Online Video formats as well as producing and consulting for clients Such as Coca-Cola, MINI, ING Bank, Clini Clowns, and TPG to name a few. While video podcasting for MINI, we created a reach of 20 million within one week, and launched a contest which had submissions from 5 different countries within the first 10 hours. In 2005 we organized the first conference in Europe about Video Podcasting, having a number of international video bloggers attend. For Coca-Cola the “We All Speak Football” project generated views from over 35 countries and a reach of 40 million people in just a few short weeks. At Concert at Sea we help create the first Music Festival to have it’s own photo and video upload area like a mini youtube or flickr, as well as producing Video Podcasts to promote the concert months before and after the event took place.


At Whisper Media we pushed the boundaries of Interactive video production. Besides VJing for various award shows and events and producing and directing many commercials for TV, Radio and Film, we also used new technologies to create smarter media for our clients. We produced holographic presentations for annual sales meetings in 2003 for NIKE. For Bosch Security systems we created a “Choose your own adventure” interactive DVD whereby you try to break into a BOSCH secured building.The Schiphol Group asked us to produce 5 year documentary to educate about the new building and infrastructure the airport was adding. This project had a new DVD every year which followed the process and used legos and puppets to describe the processes. Animatic sequences were produced by Whisper for Guerrilla Games to be used in the hit Sony Playstation game “Killzone” For Lucent and Agere systems we produced interactive training CD-Roms for their WIFI certification course which was one of the first times Video and Powerpoint slides were integrated to give an interactive learning experience.

RADIO 1993-1994

DJ on WITR Rochester, New York - News editor for WUCF News Orlando, Florida


2000 University of Portsmouth Degree in European Media Studies
1993 - 1994 Rochester Institute of Technology Dean’s list for Film & Photography

1996 - 2000 Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (Utrecht College of Arts)
Master degree in Video Game Design Bachelor's degree in Audio Visual Media

1989 - 1993 International School of Amsterdam (High School)
International Baccalaureate Graduate
Duke of Edinburgh Gold, Silver, & Bronze awards


Game Designer, Rich Media Director, Film & Video Director, Editor, VFX Animation, VJ, Social Media Strategist, TV & Radio Host, Keynote Speaker, Photographer, Digital Artist


Dutch Residence & Work Visa
American Driver’s License
USA FCC License
Ordained Dudeist Priest


“Everything Gabe touches turns to gold.” Tony Douglas, Marketing Innovations BMW Group

“Gabe's warmth and enthusiasm are inspiring. Gabe's been a consistent contributor to the Monaco Media Forum, a founding member who brings serious expertise with youthful energy and passion, all packaged within a fun, unassuming character. The man has smarts, energy, and imagination, and I look forward to any collaboration, knowing whatever the project, we'd push the envelope, reach the objective & have a blast along the way.” Jeb Buffinton, Sr. Conference Organizer, Publicis Live

“Gabe is a great team-player, a great coach and teacher and has a keen eye for quality and innovation. It was and still is very inspirational to work with him.” Evert Hoogendoorn,head of Design forVirtualTheatre & Games, Utrecht School of the Arts

“Gabe is one of the best speakers and entertainers I’ve seen on stage – ever. The way he makes audiences crack up in laughter, whilst providing such insightful knowledge, makes his speaking appearances truly unique!” Benjamin Ruschin, Founder Marketing Natives

“Gabe Mac is without question one of the finest speakers that I have had the opportunity to work with. Energetic, concise and engaging are just three words I would use to describe his delivery as he takes his audience on what feels like an adventure.” Graham Brown-Martin, Founder, Education Design Labs

“Gabe is fast. He knows stuff you need to know. When you are around Gabe you will learn things. And he’s great to drink a beer with, once in a while.” Mathijs Konings, Co owner / Producer at Monobanda