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I really love the incredible boom of data visualizations. To me this exploding artform is really offering us a new insight into our lives. As an example, via Many Eyes [an open data visualization site developed by IBM] I came across an interesting graph for all my film making buddies. A graph that shows all the various genres of films made since the late 1800's. Interesting that Reality TV has the most increase lately where as Westerns have been in the decline for years. Funny enough Musicals have been rather steady since 1920's. The most interesting is the enormous rise of Short Films in the last years, and seems to be making a comeback. Probably because the tools are getting easier again to not only create but also to publish. I say if you're making a movie check which genres are doing best if you wanna get your audience, or go for a niche that is in decline if you feel you can bring something new to the table. There are lots of other graphs to check out as well on the site, or even make your own.

If you are interested in learning more about data visualization there is an excellent film on Vimeo that I received via my old colleague Peter Hutton. The film describes how Journalists are starting to use these tools to research stories. Once we start to navigate information in new ways, new conclusions and discoveries begin. My feeling is that Good Data Visualization Designers are going to start creeping into every aspect of our lives. From our bank statements, tax reports, health reports to even our report cards from school [if you are still in school]. I say try making a simple data visual of some data block from your life and see what you discover about yourself. If you want some inspiration go check Nicholas Feltron and his beautiful personal year reports.

Journalism in the Age of Data from Geoff McGhee on Vimeo.

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