After 30 years of media experience, I have lost more content than I have saved. Below is a selection of work that shows my skillset range. From Advertising Creative, Visual FX Artist, Director, DJ and Game Designer, I have touched so many aspects of media, that I have to start developing new forms all the time to keep it fresh.


"Givolution" Advertising Campaign while working for Indie Amsterdam. This campaign, I had a number of roles. Strategy, Creative and Digital Production.


Domino's Pizza NL asked Indie Amsterdam to increase their Facebook fan base to 100,000. I replied, "I can have 100,000 likes by tomorrow. But they won't be real. You want real fans, it will take time." After a year of intense 360 campaigns using my social strategy, we gained a loyal fan base of over 100,000 fans. On the following campaigns I had a number of roles. Strategy, Creative and Digital Production.


This is a collection of other work done while working at Indie Amsterdam. They show the range of my Strategy, Creative and Digital Production skills for TVC, Online and Gaming.

Film Production, Directing, Editing, Visual FX Work

Before becoming an award winning advertising creative, I was a film director and editor. Below is a small collection of film work I have done for TV, Gaming and Events in The Netherlands. From Editing, Special FX, Animation and Directing, I do it all.