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Trip to see Nuno and Nikki

Nuno and Nikki in Waterloo - 04 by you. While at Webcom, I added a few days to stay the weekend so I could see my good friends Nuno and Nikki. I love those 2! When I arrived Nuno and I promptly started geeking out and catching up on the latest apps and tricks about vlogging, internet, and also talking about life. He talked about selling his place, staying in Waterloo, how google is moving there, and things are starting to pick up again.

Nuno and Nikki in Waterloo - 08 by you.Nuno and Nikki in Waterloo - 12 by you.

Within a few hours of arriving we hit the pub where we met up with some of thier friends, and then hit a club. Lots of drinks, lots of dance, lots of fun, which eventually ended in an afterparty at Jenn's place (a friend of Nikki's). It was absolutly hilarious fun time. At one point people huddled onto the couch and started listening to all the stories I was telling about Hollywood, New York and Europe. Real fun.

Nuno and Nikki in Waterloo - 56 by you.

Next day we hit the Diner where Nuno and Nikki met. Nuno read his comics, then we started making drawings, chilling talking, then someone ordered 2 Godfather Burgers. OMG! These things were massive! As you can see very only 40 something people have actually finished this massive burger. It reminds me of the steak in the movie "The Great Outdoors". when I asked if they had to finish the fries as well, Jenn said, "We let that slide nowadays. But I will tell you that it seems to be asians that always finish it. LOL?"

That night we initiated Nikki to The Big Lebowski. Halfway through we got hungry so Nuno and Nikki took me to Harvey's and gave me this complete artery clogging meal. Delicious!

The next day I drove back to Montreal and caught my flight back to Amsterdam, but I relived every moment the 2 days before. So much fun, such good ideas, Thanks Nuno and Nikki! U 2 ROCK!!