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EVOM My new Fav Video App on Mac

So, I come across a video that I would like to save on the internet. I may wanna use it for a class, to create a mash-up, keep a copy of friends videos, use it to VJ, etc. I need to download a lot because of either copyright, or loss of account or some other issue, it is hard to find those AMZING vids again on the net. Yes the internet has an expiration date on video. more than it has on text. I guess because video files are larger than text, they don't seem to be archived and saved and distributed as much. Text is easier to find when the source is gone. Video, a lot harder.

My method was use some Video Download plug-in in FireFox which would download the flash file from sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, etc. However these don't always play so well on the Mac. I usually watch all my flash videos in Miro, which seems to be the best for me, and also FREE. However flash files don't work at ALL in editing programs such as iMovie or Final Cut Pro. Good bye mash-ups then. I am constantly fu*#ing with converters to get flash turned into quicktime to be able to edit them. That has all changed for me today with Evom.

Evom is a FREE app for the mac that allows you to drag and drop, and easily encode videos for the web. Wheter it be to convert for iPods, AppleTV, or even post directly to Youtube. However for me there are a number of other programs that do this better. But that's not why I like it.

A small (only seen in the small print) feature is that by adding a bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar, Evom will download, automatically convert, and even place a video from a website into your iTunes. YES!!! Thank you! I beleive my Msic Video collection as a VJ is about to grow a lot more. Damn I need to run and get another 1TB hardrive for all these great vids. Free for a Mac, go get a copy if you are into Video on the web and a Mac person.

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