Today I'm at STETZ working on a dvd project. First video needs to be edited in Final Cut Pro, then authored to DVD. And it's taking forever! For some reason FCP just keeps needing to think about stuff before it will play the video. I'm sure it has something todo with the video being digitized uncompressed and then being set to photo-jpeg in the sequence settings. Or it could be the black magic card that is having trouble. No none of those technical things. I think it's the material. Yup that's it!

It must be because this I'm working on a sales training DVD for Microsoft. I know, I know. "You've sold your soul Gabe!" is what you are saying. Well unless someone will hand me 5 million to retire, and just make the films I want to make, I have to sell my skills as a mediamaker to the highest bidder. So here I am. Waiting for FCP to respond to me.

I had no idea Apple had these software hacks installed to prevent people from producing projects for their competitors. Rather an interesting marketing move if you ask me.

Oh and by the way, if you believe that Apple can do this, then I'd like to sell you a ritual that will make your iPod pshycic to your feelings, to play the song you need whilst on shuffle. Only €1 million per iPod. ;)