They don't really have a cure for clumsiness. Just plenty of things to make you clumsy. I blame it on Earth Day. The earth was harmonizing WAY to much and threw me off balance. Well maybe I should back up. Last friday I went for a bachelor party for Tamara's cousin Jan Paul.

The guys had the bright idea of going to play paint-ball. Sure no problem. We were having fun at the paintball hall shooting each-other with paint, it does hurt yes. It was kind of artistic in a way seeing how the paint would explode on the clothes in a Pollock sort of way. In any case, everything was fine until I slipped. It was rather slippery at the hall, everyone slipped at least once. I just happened to land on my ankle and then I heard a Snap Crackle Pop! Ouch!

I was down. Mark (one of our friends) came over to help me and Jan Paul shot him in the next as he was seeing if I was alright. Bastard.

Anyways, off to the hospital to get checked. The guys said it was just a sprain, but I thought it was a little more serious. I've sprained before, and this hurt way more. Maybe I was just getting old, but I wanted to make sure. That and the fact that it looked like my foot had swallowed a tennis ball. They really aren't kidding when they say waiting rooms are they? Luckily it wasn't to busy. After a while the doctor comes and feels my foot (ok dirty minds switch to off please), and tells me to go have an x-ray. Huh? Oh no. X-ray means more waiting and possible longer wait for healing.

Why is it that whenever you have an x-ray done of a potential fracture or break they seem to want to put your limb in a position that normally would be uncomfortable, but with an injury is excruciating? And then I had the fortune of getting some intern who wanted to tell me all about all the various things that could have gone wrong in my foot while I have to hold my foot in this position as the pain is flowing through my body. Could I get the lesson afterwards?

X-ray done and the intern wants to show more of his knowledge to me by saying he thinks it's broken, but not to trust him because he is still studying. Great. Time for another wait.

Thankfully by this time Tamara came to relieve the guys from Gabe watch duty so they could continue with their evening. And I could be in pain shamelessly. So we waited for the doctor again.

Another doctor comes now and begins to ask me when the last time I ate or drank was. Well I did have half a beer after the accident, but I puked everything right back out moments later, along with some chicken nuggets and eggrolls we had for lunch. Graphic enough for ya? Wait, what does what I had to eat have to do with my foot? Then the doctor proceeds to tell me I need surgery, and he needs to know for the anesthesiologist when I last ate. Surgery?! What do mean surgery. Yeah, just a few screws in your foot and you'll have to stay overnight. Me not Happy. Tamara not happy either at the prospect of another 1.5 hour roundtrip home to get my stuff to spend the night at the hospital.

After a while the doctor comes back and apologizes for being a little overzealous. It turns out he mailed his supervisor for a second opinion, and he said a cast would do fine. Thank god for e-mail! So no surgery, just a cast. Thank goodness. Gabe more relaxed at that prospect.

So I got a cast as seen here. And Tamara took me home,

Where I know have to sit on the couch for a week until I get a new cast. But this time I get to choose a pretty color! Thanks to everyone who has called and e-mailed me to get better. The funniest is this MMS I got from Murque.

Thanks. So if I didn't show up to an appointment, it's because I am here, on the couch, with my laptop. Thank god for Skype & Wifi!