Last Friday I was VJing for the Jamparty. Great Party btw. Everyone had a great time. In any case, all night people kept putting their drinks next to my laptop. I constantly asked people not to, but of course it doesn't help. The whole night went great up until the last song when the barman was cleaning the empty glasses, and you guessed it spilled a beer all over my powerbook!

AGHHHHHHHHHHH! Quickly I rememberd a post on a forum somewhere of what to do when someone spills liquid on your laptop.

  1. Quickly turn the laptop over and pull out the battery. Don't worry about shutting down. You have seconds o remove all power to the laptop. Don't waste time saving documents!
  2. Then begin to dry the laptop completely. Get as much water (or in my case beer) as you can.
  3. Then let it sit in a dry place, open for 2 days. This is to make sure all the moisture is dried out, and that when you turn it back on, the electrics won't fry. Make sure to keep the battery out during this time.

So this afternoon I powered up my laptop and prayed! The keyboard is a little sticky, and it smells a bit like the laptop has a hangover (old beer smell). But it's powered up and working. The only real damage besides a feeeeeew keys sticking is the display. It looks like the crystals don't like beer, and some areas of the display are brighter than others. Displays are expensive things to replace on laptops, but at least it less than the laptop, (but not by much). If I had lost my laptop, I had a backup from last week, so not to much damage would be caused there. Remember to BACKUP your work!

So my laptop is now a drunk on beer. Man. I hope you never have this, but if you do, you know what to do.