The is over for now, and I am exhausted. I want to thank all the speakers that came and gave great presentations. The stream is no longer streaming but we will be posting ALL the presentations online for everyone to download, mashup, and repost at their own discretion. By next week this time we will have vlogs of all the speakers and the panel discussions. And as we have in the title, this is only the beginning as we are already talking about the next forum in 2006. Stay tuned as this development continues with the collaborations that have founded their seed at the!

I would personally like to thank those that brought this together:
the Machouse Amsterdam
The team (you know who you are)

our speakers:

Anil from mobuzztv

Ryanne from freevlog

Stef from

Bjorn and Paul from Creative Commons

Jay and Daniel from FireANT

Peter from

Chris from and SpinXpress

AND to all those that attended both in person and who watched the stream.

And with that all I have to say is,"it was vlogging vlogerific!!"

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