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Tonight my friend and I were forcefully searched by the Dutch police walking out of a restaurant. The police had no reason or right to search as we were exhibiting no suspicious or illegal behavior.

Because this film does not portray the events completly, I ask that you listen to this podcast by bicycle mark before posting.

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This post would have probably been understood better had the title read, "Is Amsterdam becoming a policed state?"

It is not a major event folks, but it is a warning sign. It's not about being searched on the streets or about being Dutch or American, it's about civil rights and how much of your freedom you are willing to give away for the feeling of security? I would have gladly been searched if there was some terrorist, or illegal action taking place in the area. But there was not. I was simply walking in an open space, and EVERYONE was being frisked. There was no discrimination by the police on that point. I agree that in other countries this is MUCH worse. I always felt safe in the Netherlands, and always respected the way the Police carried themselves. Up until now. That's what this is about, nothing more, nothing less.

As far as the palbeach video that people are reffering to: It is very shocking to see what happend. The woman was speeding and was asked repeatedly to step out of her vehicle. She was breaking the law, and then resisting the officer's to step out of her car. I don't think walking out of a restuarant constitues breaking the law.

I know the footage that I filmed is not enough to give the whole picture. I wish I could have had it running the whole time, but I can't film my life 24-7, and furthermore it's not about America. Pavle says it best: "Does this put it in the same league as blacklisted torture camps? Of course not. Then again, the film is an off-the-cuff personal item and should not be seen as an intentional statement on the state of the world."