I'm sure many of you who watch the Dutch television of heard of Minister Verdonk (Verdronk) the Minister of Alien Affairs and Integration , and her incredible right wing approach to immigration in the Netherlands. I'm sorry I cannot take this woman seriously. Let's look at the last copule of acts she has tried or has passed:
- She tried to pass a fine to anyone who public spoke any other language other than Dutch. Yeah that's gret for the tourist inducstry. Thank goodness this was laughed out.
- She deported Taida Pasic (18 year old girl) just a few months before she could get her highschool degree, becuase there were some forms improperly filled out. Now she has to go back Kosovo where she probably won't get as good a diploma or education.

So now Verdronk says all Iranian Gay and Lesbian refugees can go back to Iran, becvuase it's safe for them there again. Huh? (Check this link on Human Rights Watch) Well if you consider the death penalty to be safe Verdronk, I guess so. How does this woman sleep at night. I really wish we could just drop her in the middle of some foreign country and have her try and find her way cak to the Netherlands. Then maybe she would understand what it's like to be a foriegner.

For those of you who feel that Verdrtonk is right and too many Aliens are penetrating Holland, I say go try and take the Dutch Citizenship Test to see if you pass to be Dutch or not.

Netherlands: Threat to Return Gay and Lesbian Iranians (Human Rights Watch, 8-3-2006)