I just heard from an inside source that Greenpeace has placed a container of radioactive waste in the front hall of VROM. VROM is the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment for the Netherlands. Workers at VROM are scared to leave as they may pass by the radioactive waste. They are basically trapped. Greenpeace is leaving the waste at VROM until 17:00 today but are hoping that Deputy Minister Van Geel officially accept this "gift" from Greeenpeace.

Aparently the Deputy Minister is going accept the gift in a couple of hours @ 17:30. Another bit of news, those "Ambtenaars" (Dutch word for government workers) are so stupid, there were a number of them just standing around the container talking and drinking coffee after they recorded enough radiation within 6 feet of the container to be dangerous. HELOOOOO!!!!!!