There was a great vibe going on in the Akhnaton Club in Amsterdam last night. Wiendelt and Esther organized the 3rd Jam Party. It's when a bunch of friends get together, practice for a month and then perform great jam songs for fun. But don't think it's not professional. It's sounded excellent! Gabe B sang a number of songs, Hugo sang a great rendition of "Saturday Night", Wiendelt and Esther tore down the house many times and I got to sing a song as well. If you missed it, that's too bad. It may be a while before another Jam Party is organized seeing as how Esther is about to have a second child. Oh man, when does it end all these kids being born around me? In the mean time, there will be some videos online soon I'm sure, but you can always check the Jam Party Photo pool on Flickr. If you were there and have some great pics, please add them to the pool! The pictures added there were taken by Tamara. They look excellent, but she thinks she still needs a better digital camera. I tend to agree actually. Any advice for what she should get? Let us know. It's almost Christmas.

To everyone who came to the party and helped organize it, thanks for a wonderful night. Now I need to go take another aspirin for my hangover.