That's right. It may be January 1st, but I never really count this date as it's a non-day when done correctly. You are usually so blown away from New Year's Eve and all the stores are closed, everyone is hung over and tired. Just don't count it. Last night was great. We first had Patricia, GabeB, In-Ah, iFranz and Renate over for dinner. Then we went over to Wiendelt's for the 12:00 drink. After that we headed off through a firework gauntlet of amsterdam to get to the Doffer where Hans, Nieltje, Corrine and Marc met up with us. I'd like to write more, but I'm to tired and I can't remember much anyways. I know I owe Hans a few films or something, and I remember now why I don't drink champagne. It gives the worse hang-overs. Uhhhh.

Here are some pics of our breakfast together this evening. We didn't get out of bed and eat until 5:00 p.m. and the moon was already out. Man. See what I mean by a non-day? And just so Tam doesn't get to mad at me for posting this pic of her in the "morning", even though I think she is beautiful, here is a link to some more pics of the evening.