Route 66
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Most of the time you hear about people meeting eachother from other countries online first, then travelling great distances to meet ypo in real life. Well this is story is the exact opposite. While Tamara and I were travelling in thailand we met Alex from Poland. You know how backpackers meet-up. It was a day I'll never forget becuase that day I heard I got my first seeding money for XOLO, and the day before Tamara and I swam with Dolphins. But I digress. We met up with Alex in a club on this island in Thailand, and he told about travelling around wanting to do photography professionally. He had more or less just started. I told him all about blogging, flickr, podcasting, vlogging etc. and he was really interested. Now a few months later I get a message from him that he has some of his travel photos online, and I REALLY like them. He's thinking about doing some travel vlogs, and I wish him all the best with it. What I'm trying to say here is it's nice to goto another country, meet someone from yet another country and then virtually travel with them after we have physically departed from one another. You never know who the highway or virtual highway has instore for your life.