What is that number? The key to unlock DRM on the new Blue Ray HDVDs. It's been around for a while, since feb., and has been slowly creeping around the net in forums and such. It didn't go big news until it got involved with a cover-up conspiracy on Digg however. Some lawyer thought it would be better to remove the post from this popular community news site, and all hell broke loose! So what's so great about this code? I think it's the base of the encryption that they use in the DRM butyou have to be a real GEEK to know how to use it, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time until someone fits it into a keychain remote to kill the DRM in this new Technology. When will the Big Guys get it? DRM is gonna kill them. It's pointless, useless and just causes a pain for people who actually pay for the content rather than those who are pirating it.

with thousands of Internet users now impudently breaking the law, Mr. Sprigman said that the entertainment and technology industries would have no realistic way to pursue a legal remedy. “It’s a gigantic can of worms they’ve opened, and now it will be awfully hard to do anything with lawsuits,” he said.

Example for you to think about. I don't watch many of the shows on TV, as it's on TV and I never have the time to watch them. But every now and then, I've got to keep up with what my students are talking about, so I have to watch a Heroes, or Lost or something. Where do I goto watch this? Sure you can Bittorrent this stuff all day (or weeks) waiting for episodes to download, but I'm impatient. I just got to one of these to sites for my movies and Tv shows if I don't already have them on my Mail Rental DVD list.


On a final thought, if Big Media wants us to pay money for content, I have a real simple solution for them. MAKE BETTER CONTENT!!!!! How many Summer Blockbuster line-ups this year are gonna be remakes or sequels? Something like 80%. Get creative guys!