As of today I will be the new host of the Dailybuzz on Mobuzz. Anil de Mello is an old friend and he needed a new host fast. He called me last week and asked if I would come down and help him with the show. "Of course!" I said. So I came down to Spain, got a tour, and started filming the shows right away. The whole team here is really fantastic. Spain is a lot of fun. It's perfect for me right now as well. I see this as an opportunity to reset and reload. New scenery, new people, new opportunities, because the last half year both privately and at work at XOLO Media drained me.

Those of you who know me are of course asking, what about XOLO Gabe? I'm still working as an advisor for XOLO, as well as other things. I still enjoy teaching Design for Virtual Theater and Games in Utrecht, working with the guys at cellspace on the Virtual Immortality project, and advising on the new Alternate Reality Game start-up Quest Away. AND I am just really psyched to be working at Mobuzz as well. Life treats you great sometimes! The whole team has really made me feel welcome, and today was really fun to get back into editorial and presenting in this fashion. I hope everyone will enjoy my personality on the show and I get to make a lot of new friends.

Go Vlog Yourself, and I'll see you on the dailybuzz.

P.S. Could anyone recomend some good teach yourself spanish podcasts? Leave a comment.