Meet Meghan Asha, one of the coolest, geekiest and most beautiful bloggers on the internet. A dream girl for any geek like me. Today she talks about on her blog and how she really liked it. My week is made... Hell, my month is made now.

"Their video post today about backing up your data and photos is particularly informative (maybe, I’ll take their info to heart before loosing my next external drive). I’m upset that I can’t visit this company before leaving tomorrow. Perhaps, I’ll need to add this to my ever expanding list of reasons to come back to Spain (sigh!)."

Damn! Have a good flight Meghan. Well, it's probably a good thing that Meghan didn't come by the office as I would have to give her a ring immediately and ask her to marry me. And we all know how that has gone in the past. Still, I'll have a little bit more of a smile on my face doing the shows, knowing she will might be watching. Thanks for the post Meghan!

Just had an idea for the collest podcast ever. Meghan and Jag together. ;-)

picture from NonSociety: Meghan

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