I have been so bad with my About Me on all my various profiles. It's one of those things I have on my todo list, for a while. The problem is I've been looking for the right kind of About Me. I was on Ellen van de Berg's site and saw that she had a nice list of questions for her About Me that I liked, but it was rather long, 146 questions…


I started thinking, god I would have to put that in all my profiles everywhere. I know that the data portability project is working on being able to make one profile somewhere and have that go to all my various sites, but it's taking forever! Even then what do I write? I wish there was a service I could just fill out info in a fun way and have that go everywhere and auto update.

Then I started thinking, "Why does it have to be text?" I mean there are a lot of people that don't speak english who may want to know about me, (or anyone for that mater). Wouldn't it be better if it was visual? I remember a site that did this somewhere that David Rothschild showed me, but I can't find it anymore. It asked you questions and you just picked a picture. But I would rather mix in some of my own media into that.

So I guess what I would like is a service that asked me questions, and then allowed me to pick pictures or add my own, and make an interactive collage for About Me. If anyone has the time to make this, please let me know.

I've added the questionnaire from Ellen's About me after the more if you want to try it. Hell, it would be more fun to have someone else make my about me, so if you know any of my answers leave them in the comments.

About me

On You.. 1. Name:

2. Nicknames:

3. Height:

4. Hair Color:

5. Eye Color:

6. Siblings?:

7. Do they look like you?:

8. Righty or Lefty:

9. Hobbies:

10. How do you describe yourself?

11. What is your sign?

On Friends.. 12. Friend(s) that looks most like you:

13. Friend(s) you go to for advice:

14. Friend(s) you have the most fun w/:

15. Friend(s) you can do nothing w/:

16. Friend(s) you have dreams about:

17. Friend(s) you tell your dreams to:

18. Friend(s) you tell your secrets to:

On preferences.. 19. Chocolate milk or hot chocolate?

20. McDonald’s or Burger King?

21. Coke or Pepsi?

22. Rather marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend?

23. Sweet or sour?

24. Root beer or Dr. Pepper?

25. Tea or coffee?

26. Sappy/action/comedy/horror?

27. Cats or dogs?

28. Ocean or pool?

29. Cooler ranch or nacho cheese?

30. Mud or Jello wrestling?

31. W/ or w/o ice-cubes?

32. Milk/dark/white chocolate?

33. Rain or shine?

34. Top or bottom?

35. Winter/summer/fall/spring?

36. Vanilla or chocolate?

37. Skiing or snow boarding?

38. Biking or roller blading?

39. Cake or cookies?

40. Cereal or toast-cereal:

41. Ska/punk/rap/r&b/alternative/techno/folk/swing/Old school/Black Metal/Death Metal/Power Metal/Speed Metal/Doom Metal?

42. Gloves or mittens?

43. MTV or VH1?

44. Eyes open or closed?

45. Bunk bed or waterbed?

46. Chewing gum or hard candy?

47. Motor boat or sailboat?

48. Lights on/lights off/black lights?

49. Color?

50. Number?

51. Drink?

52. Animal?

53. Holiday?

54. Quote?

55. Sound?

56. Look?

57. Song?

58. Book?

59. Movie?

60. Favorite TV show:

61. Radio station?

62. Place?

63. Flower?

64. Food?

65. Shape?

66. Texture?

67. What’s your house gonna look like?

68. Where are you gonna live?

69. How many kids:

70. Names?

71. College?

72. What are you gonna do?

73. What does your ideal girlfriend look like?

74. How do they act?

75. What is your dream date:

76. Do you like to call or be called?

77. Make plans or go along w/ them?

78. What’s the first thing you notice in girls?

79. Ever been in love?

If you could.. 80. Move anywhere, where would it be?

81. Buy a car, what would it be?

82. Dye your hair one colour, what would it be?

83. Have a tattoo, where/what would it be?

84. Turn into any animal what would it be?

85. Streak in front of anyones house whose would it be?

86. Meet one person, who would it be?

87. Live with one person for the rest of your life, who would be?

Name one thing.. 88. You are afraid of:

89. You wish you had done, but didn’t:

90. You wish you hadn’t done, but did:

91. You REALLY wanna do:

92. You really wanna live:

93. You did yesterday:

94. That’s hard for you to do:

95. That turns you on:

96. That turns you off:

97. You do when you get up:

98. You do in the shower?

99. You do at school?

100. You do when you get home from school?

Yay or Nay.. 101. Female president:

102. Roller Coasters:

103. Thunderstorms:

104. High heels on short chick:

105. Mexican food:

106. Obama/McCain:

107. Insects:

108. Little kids:

109. Do you bite your fingernails?

110. Do you bite your toenails?

111. Twirl your hair?

112. Impersonate?

113. Do you kiss on the 1st date?

114. Swear a lot?

115. Chew gum annoyingly:

116. Play with it? .. 117. Drink/smoke?

Do you.. 118. Shower?

119. Make your bed?

120. Clean your room?

121. Take a bath?

122. Go to the bathroom?

123. Talk/walk in your sleep?

124. Give hugs?

125. Tell people you love them?

126. Play with pets you have?

127. Change your underwear?

What/who are you.. 128. Proud of?

129. In love with:

130. Envious of:

131. Mad or frustrated with?

132. Under your bed?

133. On your nails?

134. On your feet?

135. On your mouse pad?

136. On your bed?

137. In your desk?

138. On your ceiling?

139. In your closet?

140. In your cd/tape player?

141. The last CD/tape you bought?

142. Do you have anything pierced?

143. Do you want anything pierced?

144. Do you have a crush?

145. Who won’t respond?

146. What jewelery/”accessories” do you wear?

147. Are you glad this is over?

148. Why did you fill this whole thing out?