A lot of people have been posting and asking what happened at Mobuzz. I can not say I have the whole story. I know that there was investment that was said to come in, but at the end of the day, the golden rule is don't beleive it until it is signed and th money is on an account. That is about as much detail as I've got. I mean this happens. Many startups have problems with investors. I know we did at XOLO.TV as well. It's not a new thing, it doesn't mean that money was thrown around all over the place, it just means that sometimes thiese things do not work out. Angel investors are people and have egos and opinions and ideas. And like my father says, "opinions are like assholes, everybody has got one." So what to do? Well, I've been offline for a bit, becuase I've got no internet at my apartment. Didn't feel like getting into a year contract if I wasn't sure I was going to be staying at the small overpriced room for more than a year. So I'll be heading to Le Web, and after that I'll be heading to the States to see my family for the holidays. In that time I will be responding to emails, looking around, thinking about how to start something new possibly, but anything is possible at the moment. Will I stay in Spain? Time will tell. Will I do something with video online? Probably. Will it be another startup? More than likely. In the meantime, I am doing some consulting for some clients, lots of creative work, reevaulating the online media space, editing a bunch of videos that have been sitting on the shelf, waiting for me to get to them, and thinking about if I want to settle down and where that may be if at all.

I have had a great time and expereince here in Spain. It was great to work with Cedric, Anil, Osiris and all the mobuzz team.

Whatever happens next I am sure it will be something that I beleive in, and I am passionate about. That is the driving force. I hope that all the fans and friends follow whatever that may be.

I do want to thank every one for the support and the love that they have shown.

Peace and love-

Go Vlog Yourself!!!!