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Are you a fan of 'The Big Lebowski'? Well I am. I've been traveling around the world taking pictures of an action figure of the Dude. I've collected these pictures into a project called the Little Lebowski Project. You can read more about the project here. Well it's the holidays and I figured it was time to make something fun for the Little Lebowski Project to raise awareness and donations.


Well, I've got something pretty cool for you. And for FREE!!!

I have made a calendar for 2013. A trey Dudely calendar of course! It has a great selection of Little Lebowski Project pics! Plus special Lebowski fan dates! It even interacts with your smartphone using Augmented Reality! Wave of the future Dude! Print out the calendar for free. To watch the calendar come alive digitally, view the printed calendar on your smartphone using Layar . It shows video clips, links to the special holidays and more.

Yes it is free to download, and print yourself. Print as many as you want. Save a bunch of money this holiday! Be a cool Dude and donate some of that savings to the Little Lebowski Fund.

To get your free 2013 Little Lebowski Calendar goto on Facebook or download from scribd below.

Thanks to all the Achievers. Happy 2013! - Gabe Mac

Little Lebowski 2013 Calendar by Little Lebowski