Gamification has become a very hot topic for many companies, startups and organizations. Most people want to learn some basics of game design to help them with creating better applications, platforms and services. Wouldn't it be great if you could do a crash course to learn the basics of Game Design?

Many of you know that I have been teaching New Media and Game Design at the HKU for many years now. Over the many years of teaching this subject, I have adapted a number of Game Design techniques and methods to develop games with a specific end user goal. Using this method has helped me develop serious games to change player's behaviors for many clients.  Microsoft, Ben & Jerry's, t-Mobile and Domino's Pizza are a few of my former clients that have benefited from this method to increase sales and engagement. I have been teaching this method to my students, but many people do not have the time for a full time College Game Design course. With some more time on my hands, I decided to challenge myself to teaching these basics in a fun way, in just a single day.

After a year of playtesting, I have developed a game which teaches this successful game design method. I call it "The Game Beyond". In one day you will learn the basics of Game Design by playing the Game Beyond. I have played the game with large tech companies, government offices, schools and marketing agencies. The reaction has been overwhelming, with ideas for games that can save the world as a result.

I am now opening up this workshop to everyone, so that you too can learn how to make games to change the world. Just goto The Game Beyond to make a booking for your group.