It is LIVE! After a lot of hard work, The Game Beyond Game Design course is now online!

Over the last few years I've gotten so much positive feedback about my Game Design workshop that I knew I had to find a way to scale it. That moment has arrived! Using the education platform of Udemy, you can now take The Game Beyond course on on your computer, or take it with you on most smartphones and tablets. Here's what one of my testers thought:

"This course brought multiple fields of thought together. It simplified and demystified many concepts of game design and game theory. It's an excellent course and is relevant to any pursuit." - my brother :)

Ok, a family review may not be convincing enough, so here. The course is filled with over 4 hours of content including video lectures, case studies, animations and presentations about game design theory. We examine award winning advertising campaigns, play psychology and look at some games that have changed human history forever.

I personally guarantee you will have a number of AHA! moments of inspiration. If you not satisfied there is a 30 day money back guarantee!

It's a race before Vacation time. I've made a 90% OFF discount for the FIRST 100 students to try it out! Try the course on your smartphone or tablet while chilling on vacation. It's the perfect time to practice some game theory. Make up some games on vacation to play with friends, family or the locals.

90% OFF 1st 100 students