Immigration, border control, refugees, terrorists, trade routes, customs checks, insect infestation, territory conflicts and bad coffee. There are so many rules and regulations on borders around the world. Who is allowed in? Who isn't allowed in? What are you allowed to bring. Something that is legal in one country, can get you life in prison in another. There is a lot to worry about being a border control guard, and being the person trying to get through. I always have a tinge of anxiety at border control checks when I am next and I hear the words:

Paper's Please?

Finally, there is a game that explores this difficult process which defends the borders of a society based on centuries of wars, treaties and land grabs. Check out this hilarious game that is based on a Border control in a fictitious Communist country. Every time you let a person through that is not allowed, or reject someone who is, you get fined. Hilariously, getting a person's sex correct had me fined more often than not. GMVR highly recommends this stressful game, because it is packed with comedic characters that keep trying to get into the country. Give it a try yourself.