My last day in Berlin and I went on a little travel with my Mini Cooper and Tom Tom to guide me. After going around and seeing the sites like Check Point Charlie, The Prusian Palace, and other amazing sites, I met up with Frans and Alex to enjoy a nice brewski on the side of the water to philosphise about the tao of blogging.

It was a real emotional and thought provoking trip going around old East Germany in the Mini. Here you can see a picture of the Mini with the Amercian flag crossing the wall's monument line, just a block from Check Point Charlie. It seems there is nothing left of the old East German way as everything has been taken over by Subway, Starbucks, Hilton, etc. Good or bad I'll let you decide.

It was such a great experience to be in the Coke Flat for 2 weeks and meeting all the awesome people that came by and be a part of the whole football madness. Getting tickets to the games was a real treat, and one I hadn't expected. I could literally smell the grass from the pitch
I was so close in this picture after one of the games. I know most people are gonna role thier eyes now, but I really want to thank KnallGrau and Coca Cola for the oppurtunity to be a part of weallspeakfootball. It's something I will not soon forget and enjoyed thouroughly. To those who still get to go, make the most of it I say, and steal a couple bottles of Coke Blak for yourselves. :-)