Through my travels the past month I have watched the World Cup in 5 different languages. It started off with English and Spanish in the United States. ESPN was covering the World Cup pretty well while we were at VloggerCon in Sanf Francisco, and then Atlanta. However the Spanish station Univision something (which has recently doubled it's viewership since the World Cup) had better covereage. You have of course seen us watching the games in the airplanes on the way to California, but it was great to watch it with my uncle Dean who was my soccer coach as a kid, and who has a tournament named after him in Georgia. You can see him and Tamara in the picture here in full supporter getup.

Then back in Holland I watched the continued matches while I prepared for my trip in Berlin. Watchng the first rounds of many teams, and Holland winning thier second match to secure entry into the next round. Then off to Berlin.

In Berlin of course everything was in German. I still can't get used to the conference way of watching a game which the Germans love. It basically swithces in between the different games playing at any one time, which means that you never get to watch a Goal happen Live! Bummer. I was so disappointed when Holland lost as I feel it really is home for me now. But life must go on, even though I was in Full Orange getup for the games.

Then I arrived for my backpacking trip through Thailand yesterday. I thought World Cup coverage would be sparse at best. I was wrong. We got updates from the pilot of the game, and once we got our hotel sorted out, I went to a bar 1 block away and watched the highlights of the English loosing to the team that shall not be named (see above holland vs. X), and the French winning over Brazil games. It was all in Thai, so I didn't understand a word of it. But I saw all the amazing moments of the Matches and understood enough. I'm currently posting this in an internet cafe in Bangkok. The price price per minute is 25 euro cents. Gives you an idea of what the football clothing is that they sell here. I saw some German, and France game shirts (the official ones) for about 100 baht. That's about 2.5 euro! Sweet!

So there you have it folks. One Cup, 2 Gabes, 3 cameras, 4 countries, 5 languages and counting. WeallSpeakFootball!

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