Youtube may see the Brazillians in court becuase of a little scandal with one of thier beloved football stars ex-wives.
Brazilian court orders YouTube shutdown | The Register
: "A Brazilian court has ordered the closure of YouTube following the site's failure to completely remove a video showing Ronaldo's ex-missus and her new boyf indulging in a bit a of beach rumpy-pumpy, Reuters reports.

Model Daniela Cicarelli sued YouTube after the offending film proved a smash hit among Brazilian YouTubers. She and squeeze Tato Malzoni last year 'filed to force YouTube to take the video down and demanded $116,000 in damages for each day the video remains up'. Although YouTube did indeed remove some copies, other users reposted it and the whole sorry exposure dragged on for months."

Now what will ever stop them from re-posting and re-posting and re-posting. I mean honestly. It's a never ending cycle. Is this just meantt to be doomed? Funny how you never hear about revver, blip or metacafe being sued.