Vincent Everts is a trendwatcher and tech guru here in Holland. Last week I went over to his house to "catch up". I've got a video interview of him is coming as well. Just need to finish some videos for The Next Web first.

GabeMac, how much he learned from his Vodcast business errors?

"Gabemac is one of the first passionate vodcasters I know. He started in 2003 and has been an video enterpreneur since 9 years. He build huge audiences with his XoloTV, started to build a software platform for videocasting, that failed, he went to spain and did a daily show on which drew millions. Now he is back in amsterdam, does Viral Video Creative Consultanting, creates video's (for thenextweb amoung others) and plans his next show & exciting venture. What did he learn from his mistakes since he said he made many. It was a little hard because he continiouly talkes about his strength (passion, creativaty etc) rather then his lessons learns but in the end they show up. Who is Gabriel"