I haven't had a TV in Holland for a little over a year now. Actually I never really watched dutch TV to be honest when I did. When Bicyclemark skyped Amserdamize and I if we wanted to be on TV, we said sure why not? A friend of his Shylo (fun geek girl who loves games) +, was asked to be on about the whole Twitter and Iran story. She was friends with BicycleMark and he called us and we went with the 4 of us there. I cannot devulge all that happend but it was lots of surprises. I thought it was going to be some Dutch sitting around a table drinking coffee talk type of program which they have mastered. Nope it was a revision of the classic "The Gong Show " but now with audience support and twitter. Something called " NON". broadcasted backstage via my live stream and some stuff after wards on Qik . But to really see how it went, just watch the clip. Warning it is in Dutch, and it makes no sense at all! A BIG SHOUT to Zenuno for recording this and putting it up for us so quick! and ANOTHER BIG SHOUT to J.P. Oosterom that took the twitpic. Love ya guys!

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