Interview with Tim Kring, creator of Heroes and Knight Rider. He talks about Alternate Reality Games and Transmedia production.

I've been back for a bit in Amsterdam working on my new job since being at the DLD conference in Munich. Gabe Bauer and I got to go there and make some more videos this year. They've been published on the DLD site and I'll be adding more of the next days. However, I usually get to have one really great interview with someone I really admire at the DLD. This year I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim Kring. Tim Kring is the creator of the popular tv series "Heroes". The number one illegally downloaded show. But he doesn't get to pissed at me when I admit that in the interview. But Tim does talk about the trans media approach to creating Heroes. From TV to websites to mobile and Alternate Reality Games planned for June in England. And of course his favorite super power he would like to have. Enjoy the interview!

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