This month on GMVR we have been playing a game that many men, women, and children in the world are facing every day. Can you survive a war in your city? We've all seen the news footage of war tearing a city apart, but what is it like to live in those situations? War Child and 11bit studios have designed a truly compelling and challenging game called, "This War of Mine".

Ont of the key mechanics I loved in this game, was how each time I played it, a different narrative story arose. The choices I made to steal food from a neighbor or let one of the crew die of illness had a profound effect on the other characters in the game. Often making it more difficult to survive, just because of the mental anguish my small band of survivors was going through.

With the plight of hundreds of thousands of refugees constantly on the news, this game gives a unique insight into the psyche of a civilian war survivor. I highly recommend this game to play. See if you could survive a war in your city.